Registration is Open!


We're pretty darn excited to get the fat bike season going around here, so registration is up! 

For 2014-2015, we are offering full series registration. Get in on all the fun and all the races in one shot, and get yourself some perks for doing so. Everyone who signs up for the full series will get a SBFBS hoodie, resplendent with the all new logo, for free! You'll also get double the raffle tickets (8 instead of 4) for the year-end giveaway! 

The series starts December 21 with The Thirst Mutilator Fat Bike Race and brings you one race per month. We'll be back on January 4 with Fat Chance! at Crystal Mountain before bringing it home to Timber Ridge Resort and RV Park for the final two events. The ControveriALE Fat Bike Race is February 1, the height of winter in Northern Michigan. March 7 brings the grand finale, The Beard of Zeus Fat Bike Race. It's a rolling party with a thousand spectators lining the course for Timber's Suds'n'Snow celebration! 

Full Series Registration is here. 

You can find individual races here.