SBFBS Points Breakdown

We're excited to introduce a new points breakdown for the 2014-2015 season! Last year's battle came down to the wire, with Jason Lowetz holding on to the title in the final race by just two points! This year, the changes are in place to ensure a close race all the way through March, and to reward high placings in the biggest events. 

The new weighted structure rewards wins over bigger fields. The more racers, the more points. The winner of each race will receive 15 points, with second getting 14, third place 13, etc. The kicker is all down to registration; everyone in the top 20 will get 1 more point for every person registered. So, if 80 people do the Men's Open, the winner will get 15 points for the win, plus one for every person in the category, for a total of 95 points. 

The format will be applied to all four categories in the series: Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's Master's (45+) and Women's Master's (45+) 

The structure means this series isn't one of simple arithmetic; you won't be able to count out points before the race and ride for a particular spot. It'll be an incredibly exciting season and one that suits riders who aren't just consistent, but willing to attack early, try to hold a lead and ride aggressively to take as many points as possible. 

"We are really, really jazzed about the new format. It's going to make for some great racing, especially from the guys looking to break onto the podium or top five. A big move, a big ride somewhere in there could be the difference, especially early on in the season," commented Jason Lowetz, one of the race organizers. "Again, totally jazzed."