Q. What constitutes a fat bike?

A: A fat bike shall constitute a bicycle with tires 3.7" or wider in good working order. 29+ tires (3 inches) or regular mountain bikes will not be permitted on any of our courses. We believe in superb trail stewardship, and make great efforts to ensure we leave the trail in nothing short of great condition. No studded tires will be permitted. 

Q: It's cold and I'm not riding fast. Do I need a helmet?

A: Sure do. All racers are required to wear a helmet. We recommend a cap underneath, or wearing a snowboard or ski helmet if temperatures demand it. Brains are good. You're going to want them in your head at all time.


Q: What's with the Points Series?

A: Our series is designed not just to see who is the fastest once, but the most consistent. To have a shot at the SBFBS title, you'll need to race in the Expert/Elite (longer race) and score in the top ten to register. The winner of the series will receive some big prizes from our sponsors. The men's and women's winner will also get their names etched on the FAT trophy, displayed year-round at Einstein Cycles.


Q. It's my first fat bike race. Which should I do?

A: We'll use mountain bike categories as a base, but it's totally up to you. We recommend that Beginner and less experienced Sport riders take on the shorter (1 hour or 25km) race until they feel comfortable. More experience Sport rider, Expert and Elite classes should be in the longer event (2 hours or 50km). We reserve the right to move up short race winners if they won by a convincing margin. It's fat biking; challenge yourself, half fun, and get in a bit of adventure.