Upcoming Races.

SBFBS 2018 Schedule

February 10. North American Vasa King Vasa Race at Timber Ridge

February 18. The Vineyard Race at Forty-Five North

March 3. Beard of Zeus at Timber Ridge



Legendary: Series Winners

It's a short list of race winners, and even shorter list of series champions. 

2012-2013: Jorden Wakeley and Chelsea Strate

2013-2014: Jason Lowetz and Stacy Smith

2014-2015: Ryan Kennedy and Susan Vigland

2015-2016: Ryan Kennedy and Liz Belt

2017 Jorden Wakeley and Susan Vigland



Registration Is NOT open!

Registration for all of our races can be found in one easy spot, once it's open. This will happen sometime in the Fall of 2017.