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Timber Ridge Resort. February 11. 12.30pm.

We're excited to add the 2017 North American Vasa to our calendar. The  Vasa Fat Bike Race has enjoyed three storied editions since it began, and the fourth year promises to be one for the ages.

In 2015, frigid weather shut down roads all over Northern Michigan, but it didn't stop the race! In -20 degree weather, the race was treated to a thrilling finale, tough conditions, and a true sense of community as skiers and fat bikers came together to celebrate winter sports. The course includes sections of the Winter Sports Singletrack, groomed trails on the start/finish property at Timber Ridge RV Park and Resort, and a high-speed stretch along the Vasa 25km Pathway to demand a complete winner.

2016 went off under idyllic race conditions, and one of the fastest fields to date. With 2015 winner Justin Morris back in his native and sunny climes of Australia, it was a wide open race ultimately narrowed down to an elite group of five that included 2015 Series winner Ryan Kennedy. Jorden Wakeley took the win, with a field sprint for second thrilling the crowd before everyone spilled into the party tent. There's no party like a Short's Brewing party, and the award ceremonies in the big tent are always an absolute blast.

There will be two fatbike race distances,  10k and a 42k.  The course will highlight the beauty of the Vasa pathway, Riley's loop, Timber Ridge and small sections of the Wintersports loop.  Just like the skis races, the 2017 route gets turned on its head, with racers taking on the WST in reverse direction from normal traffic. Both the Long and Short's races will begin at 12.30pm.  Helmets are required.  Tires must be a minimum of 3.7 inches wide. Dress accordingly! 

For more information, head over to Vasa.org!

Registration IS Open!

Registration and Day-of: Online Registration is open here.  Day-of Registration is available!

Venue: 4050 Hammond Road East, Traverse City, MI


Long Race (42km)

Men's Open
Women's Open
Men's Master (45+)
Women's Master (45+)

Short Race (12km)

Men's Short's Race (All Ages)
Women's Short's Race (All Ages)

Here's one lap of the 42km Long race! 

Here's one lap of the 42km Long race! 

Here's one lap of the Short's 10km race! 

Here's one lap of the Short's 10km race!